This blog documents the work - in - progress of Spring Awakening, a theatrical performance about adolescence in the context of contemporary Egypt.

Performance dates: 01. – 06.04.2010 Rawabet Theatre, Cairo / 09.,10.04.2010 Jesuit Centre, Alexandria.

March 6, 2010

along the way

"Noor" Fanpage

- TV-Soap originally broadcasted in Turkey 2005, dubbed in colloquial arabic 2008 (Syrian dialect)
- Main characters: Muhannad and Noor
- Brought up issues include premartial sex and abortion
- August 2009: 85 ooo 000 viewers
- “We censor slightly. It´s not huge. There are no big emotional things, no graphic kisses in the first place, no love scenes, no nudity. If we find, for example, a lot of drinking shots that are not essential to the plot, we take them out. But if someone is drunk and it’s part for the story, we leave it.” Adib Khair, Manager of Syrian Sama Production
- "... replete with wickedness, evil, moral collapse and war on virtues that only God knows the truth of." Sheikh Abdul Aziz al Sheikh, mufti of Saudi Arabia
- MBC added an extra channel that broadcasted "Noor" 24h a day and is now preparing to produce a feature film out of the show.

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