This blog documents the work - in - progress of Spring Awakening, a theatrical performance about adolescence in the context of contemporary Egypt.

Performance dates: 01. – 06.04.2010 Rawabet Theatre, Cairo / 09.,10.04.2010 Jesuit Centre, Alexandria.

January 21, 2010

along the way


General Information
1. Age
2. Gender
3. Age and Gender of your siblings
4. Veiled/Non-veiled
5. How religious do you consider yourself (1 = not at all - 5 = very religious)

6. Favourite magazine (arabic)
7. Favourite music (arabic)
8. favourite film (arabic)
9. favourite TV-Show (arabic)

10. Do you feel that your are taken seriously by your parents?
11. What would you change in your parents?
12. Do your parents want to change anything in you?

13. To whom do you tell your secrets?
14. Were you ever in love? If so, how old were you, how old was he/she?
15. Do you think you already know everything about child production? If yes, from where did you get to know it?

16. Have you seen the TV Show of Heba Kotb called Kalaam Kebier? If so, how do you like it?
17. What would you refrain from to not endanger your reputation?
18. Do you remeber a situation, where the teacher in school made you angry/feel uncomfortable/embarrassed?

19: Would you like to comment on this questionnaire? Your opinion, something we should know or questions that came to your mind?

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