This blog documents the work - in - progress of Spring Awakening, a theatrical performance about adolescence in the context of contemporary Egypt.

Performance dates: 01. – 06.04.2010 Rawabet Theatre, Cairo / 09.,10.04.2010 Jesuit Centre, Alexandria.

January 23, 2010

WEEK 14 (12.01. - 18.01.2010)

Meeting Alain, a 15 year old boy from Jesuit School, improvising.
"So come on. Why aren´t you kissing me now? I am expecting this now. Why are you behaving like this?"

Generally there is a time conflict - Alain lives in Heliopolis, school is somewhere between Down Town and Heliopolis, hours of rehearsals are not fitting. Wether he really wants to join in is another question.

Starting rehearsals at Goethe Institute. Going back to teenage times: video clip dancing, experience striptease and exercises.
Also discussing: Who has problems acting what.

"Once I think back in these times, I don´t really want to go back to my twenties." (actor, 24)

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